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Lignacon d.o.o.

Krajiška b.b.

74270 Teslić

Bosnia and Herzegovina


Landline : +387(0)53/430-981

Fax : +387(0)53/430-139


Sandra Čeprnić-Sulayman

Email : lignacon@teol.net

Finnancial dept.

Sedina Salkić

Email : lignacon_fin@teol.net

Techical manager

Mg. Vasil Tanušev

Email : tanusev-vasil@teol.net

About us

As a limited company (Ltd) for production, import and export on wholesale and retailer, Company Lignacon started running in the year of 1999 in Teslic.
Our main function is a production of upholstery, primarily chairs.
Products are mainly placed for export (99% of products), which defines us as a foreign market company. Only a small part of products is placed on to domestic market.
Maximum tendency is applied to the quality of our goods. Latest equipment and capacity which we dispose with are according the highest world standards in this domain. We obey all the standards including ecological standards, starting by choosing raw materials up to the quality of finished product.

Goals and vision

The momentary capacity of our production is 18.000 pcs monthly or over 200.000 pcs yearly.
Product capacity is placed on a surface of 4.000 square meters and is equipped with the latest equipment for chair production with different articles and purposes.
We own dry kilns for wood with the capacity of 600 cubic meters in this way we can fully control how to produce the material quality. Our export strategy is going to still be our priority and our main leading idea along with expending of assortment and keeping the level of good product quality.